My needle felted art 

is created by using sharp, barbed needles to "felt" loose wool together onto a natural substrate base, or to felt it into itself, so it forms a 3-dimensional wool sculpture. Wool naturally has a barbed texture (visible under a microscope) and when worked over with a barbed needle felting needle, the barbs work to bring the wool fibers tightly together which locks or "felts" them securely. All art pieces are hand created, and unique. Even if I try to make another just like it, each will be individual. Each one is a labor of love to create. The 3-Dimensional sculptures normally take 6-8 hours for a figure that measures approximately 2" wide x 3" tall. Flat needle felted art is created on a base of repurposed felted wool. Pet pillows are created by special order, and reflect the likeness of a beloved pet. These generally take 2-3 days to create, and I am only able to take custom orders during a few times of the year.

Offering a tactile feel that beg to be picked up and handled, this needle felted art will delight and amaze all!